Training Your Labrador Retriever Puppy Part One

Training Your Labrador Retriever Puppy Part One

In this video, I give some recommendations concerning the proper way to start training a Labrador Retriever. Notice how calm and attentive this eleven week o…



Ballislife7743 says:

Love your training philosophy, great video 

Mark Foreman says:

Stonnie, I really appreciate your time and dedication in making your
informative videos and sharing your knowledge. I will be bringing home a
Labrador at 8 weeks of age. Is this too young to commence
housebreaking/crate training? A book I read suggested the soonest I should
commence potty training was at 16 weeks, because younger pups could not
control their bladder. What to do recommend? Thank you!

kristen beauregard says:

Stonnie, when I bring my lab pup home at 8 weeks old, do I start off with
exactly what you are doing here? The pup in your video is so attentive and
calm already, I just wanted to be sure I’m starting in the right place and
that I have not missed anything in how you’re starting them off, if that
makes sense!

Rachelizabethompson3 says:

Hi Stonnie, love the video. Do you have any videos outlining how to
introduce your lab to the water? Thanks! 

Law Enforcement says:

Another great video. Question, what treats are you using Stonnie? 

Brent Grantham says:

What treats are you using? Any you recommend?? You buy in bulk i assume?

Haotian Liu says:

Great video. How old should the puppy be before you start training them?

kenneth24castle says:

Stonnie, best training videos I have found so far. I love your approach!
With labs what is the best age to start “good student week” ?

LewwyVlogz says:

How often do you work with them? I know you say each week but is it every
day? and for how long?

David Austin says:

Great training tips. Love your videos

matulda megasen says:

Why do you feed the dog while you’re talking?

KeizeShow says:

“…he might gain weight that’s detrimental to his health…” – Proceeds to
feed puppy 1,000 treats within minutes.

C Bryan says:

thanks Stonnie! Beautiful lab!

Damian Lucatero says:

What treats do you use?

Cat Lover says:

I recommend crate training. After my puppy goes potty outside, I
immediately reward him with a Hill’s Science Diet Soft & Chewy Training
Treats with Real Chicken Dog Treats. Start house training at 8-weeks-old.
The puppy in the video looks like it is between 10 and 12-weeks old. Don’t
expect your dog to be fully house-trained until they are 8-months-old.

Ana Claudia says:

Great video!

Ryan Johnson says:


Armando Pena says:

Awesome video Stonnie. How old is the Labrador that is in the video?

Stonnie Dennis says:
RockRiver Man says:

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