Tory Island dog swimming with dolphin

Tory Island dog swimming with dolphin

VIDEO – Wonderful video of a Labrador swimming with his friend – Dougie, the dolphin!!



KigreTheViking says:

Keep the japanese off this bay… they will slay the dog as well, mistaken
for a furry Dolphin.

Lana Schluter says:

Berta’s comment made below is a comment made by psycho delusional idiot
who is obviously not in touch with reality. Translation for Berta : ” THE

John Skeats says:

*Unlikely Friends*

This dog swims out almost every day to meet and play with a dolphin he
became friends with. If animals as different as them can become friends,
there should be no barriers that prevent people from becoming friends
regardless of their differences.


Diana A. says:

James Taylor’s music was the perfect accompaniment for the video! Loved

Berta Lovejoy says:

What a horrible video, a male setting his dog out to attack an innocent
female dolphin. Who benefits from that, why even bother? Is it some kind of
metaphor for the dominance of the patriarchy? Are you trying to reduce the
female population of dolphins? On an unrelated note, can anybody recommend
any good new Twilight fanfic?

Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace.

Duncan Shaw says:

*When you’re down, and troubled, and you need a helping hand…*

Do you know which classic song this lyric is from?

This melody came to mind when I saw this wonderful video shared by +Sarah
Dennis. I have never seen or even heard of a dog and a dolphin playing
together…And they have been doing this every day, never mind just once!
Their souls seem to be sharing a special bond, don’t you think? 

Kanlaya Chungsangornpornsuk says:


Ehrin Lloyd says:

They’re probably both homosexuals.

allogenes37 says:

Its not so ‘amazing’ this happens. Dolphins and dogs share a common
ancestor, mesonychidae. Do a search and enlighten yourself.

Star Light says:

Connect the world together ♥

Clarisse T. says:

Very nice but I wish the dog has a life jacket. That’s a long swim,
anything can go wrong.

Amir G says:

From time to time we realize how animals are much relaible and loyal than
many people we know…

creatip123 says:

Was that a Golden Retriever? Goldies are the MOST friendly dog I’ve ever
seen in my life. Never once saw a hostile goldie, even to a complete
stranger. Yeah, they make horrible watch dog. They’ll befriend thieves
without second thought….

Nature Photobook says:

To outsiders, this little Irish town may not look like much… but there’s
something happening on this tiny island that will completely blow your

You can’t make this stuff up!!! What a tale of friendship!

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OrmeggiOnline says:

Il #Labrador che tutti i giorni si tuffa per giocare con il suo amico
#delfino. Succede a Tory Island VIDEO

mea ndyou says:

This has got to be the best thing I’ve ever witnessed. I love how these two
beautiful creatures get along so well. Its just beautiful!! 

DerpDerpity420 says:

Great story!

Tammi Tan says:

Berta love joy u are horrible

Jumpa Shi says:

see if fucking dogs and dolphins get along why cant we xD

Jose Escobar says:

Un perro va todos los días a jugar con su amigo el delfín

Tory Island dog swimming with dolphin

Teresa Thiele says:

So sweet!!

Tim Zimmer says:

Thank tumblr

MMVTW says:

That’s amazing…

Cinfully Simple says:

Had to share this feel good story! Dog swims with Dolphin! –

blitzblotz says:

That’s a shark!

MrMLBson09 says:

come on then! good boi! 

palominovero says:

Berta what are you talking about

Nature Photobook says:

How wonderfully unexpected.

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Jan Klosowski says:

dogs > cats

Kath Jhar says:

Tory Island dog swimming with dolphin:

Agustin Cereceres says:

Tory Island dog swimming with dolphin:

planesrift says:

Dolphins are known rapist yo. :

michael beauregard says:

It is dangerous for the dog .

Michele Olita says:

Questa è amicizia
Ogni giorno il cagnolone Ben, poco dopo essersi svegliato, corre al porto
irlandese di Tory Island. Sembrerebbe per una semplice nuotata ma in realtà
ha qualcuno di importante da incontrare: il suo amico per la pelle, Duggie
il delfino.

Ben e Duggie sono diventati amici fin dal primo giorno in cui Ben ha messo
le zampe in acqua. Come ci racconta il padrone, i due nuotano assieme anche
per ore e tutti gli abitanti dell’isola conoscono la loro grande storia di

HasanCan Osman says:


CosmicStargoat says:

The fascination and grin till you hurt aspect of this video is no match for
the speculation about this. I wonder about what sort of rotting sponges
masquerade as a brains for the 36 “people” who voted Thumbs Down? 

Terry5135 says:

So many of these really wonderful videos are ruined because some putz wants
to put on a soundtrack of truly insipid music to drown out the main focus.

yututoston says:

Los habitantes de esta localidad afirman que Dougie, un delfín visto por
primera vez en el puerto de la isla de Tory en 2006, empezó a aparecer
después de encontrar a otro delfín muerto en el pasado.

Los habitantes creen que el delfín sufre por su compañero muerto y que por
eso empezó a entrar en el puerto todos los días. Viendo al delfín a diario
un perro llamado Ben comenzó a saltar al agua para hacerle compañía y los
dos se han convertido en buenos amigos.

Rick James says:

Little do they know, the dog is being viciously mauled by the dolphin. He
comes back every day by some twisted form of stockholm syndrome.

sudhindra srinivas says:

Breathtaking island and a warm story!

kevint905 says:

Tory Island dog swimming with dolphin

Karmishell Castillo says:

Que bellesa 

Phentida Lopz says:

why didnt the man wear his dog a life jacket?!!!

Ratchaneevan Punprasom says:

what a lovely story that make me smile with tears!!! 

Marina NW says:

I just wonder… isn’t it too cold for the dog to swim? 

Chiara Muzzi says:

Friendships: a dog and a dolphin
#nature #friendship

daydeerobal says:

Shouldn’t have read the comments in this video. smh Suomi says:

Tätä ei kyllä meinaa uskoa, vaikka sen videolla näkeekin! Kuinka herttaista

Elga Konietzny says:
hùng nguyễn việt says:

0:17 song ???

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