Puppy Labrador 1st Week at Home Destruction and Exploration – Cute

Puppy Labrador 1st Week at Home Destruction and Exploration – Cute

Percy’s first week at home. 8 week old Black Labrador. Funny and lovely lab puppy exploring his first home.



Ruth Killeen says:

Our little Percy has just had his first birthday last week. He is the best
dog in the whole world and has such a lovely nature. He has never chewed
anything in our house or office. He has his own little basket of toys
(which we had to weekly – old lemonade bottles, old socks) He puts himself
to bed at 8.30 every night and sleep all the way through. We couldn’t wish
for a better dog. We love him to bits x

Linda dickson says:

What a bundle of joy!!! Percy is beautiful. Our Chocolate passed in July.
We had planned to wait until Spring for our next Lab. That plan went down
when I laid my eyes on a gorgeous black girl. She will be coming home in
just under 2 weeks.So excited. Your video brought back wonderful memories
from years ago and soon to be again.

sarah_parker_97 says:

I have had labs before but we lost one over the summer… Well we finally
got another lab today! He is so chill! His name is colt… He’s a chocolate
lab… In the past we have had black labs…

ZZBlue Comet says:

I loved this video, loved it. We are getting our black Labrador this
Dec/Jan. We lost our Jake last October (he was 16) – this was a reminder
what we’re in store for..LOL.

Davinder Singh says:

She’s cute

CheesyTV says:

3:29 – What the heck are those huge wheels underneath your coffee table?!?!

Garth Downton says:

Everything just looks right! Happy home, happy Percy, may u have many years

Rubenstien100 says:

Cherish him, I lost my best friend a couple weeks ago and i miss him more
than i ever thought possible. Miss you Ben!

Serious Gaming says:

This video is absolutely adorable.

T. Rose says:

What a fun puppy! Absolutely adorable!!!

Henry Addie says:

Hello your Percy looks so happy , when is a good time to bring them out for
long walks , thanks 

Alex Gillmor says:

I like your new puppy.

Nick Amodeo says:

i got my black lab he was 8 weeks old as well. i had to put him down last
july. he was 13 &1/2. they are the sweetest kindest most loyal dogs ever. i
loved watching your video, it took me right back to november of 2000.
thanks for posting.

Rachel Garlick says:

he’s so gorgeous! makes me miss my dog when she was a puppy

Stef Stellini says:

Hi…. I have noticed that you have parquet at home. Does his nails or his
running around effected the parquet in any way? I’m simply asking because I
have bought a house and would like to get a dog eventually.. would
appreciate your personal feedback! thanks :)

T.M. says:

Give that puppy lots of love and keep him tired.

Joanna Jankowska says:

aaaaa i love dogs <33 younger and older :3

NY NJ Labradors says:

That’s not destruction, it is as you said, exploration. Firm “no” does the
trick. My 19th Litter in 22-23 years is due on Monday. All black or blacks
and yellows. A radiograph of Mum on Friday to count babies. Can’t wait for
puppy breath and to choose my keeper girl at 8 weeks. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Shannonkelly SKelly says:

when suzie left after 16 years i could never fall in love again like i did
with my besutieful lab

Mark Richardson says:

They can be very destructive dogs and WILL eat and destroy many household

Sweetie Nhi says:

oh my gosh he’s so cute and active <333

AvidRain says:

He needs walks 😀 So cute.

Rosângela Marques says:

Que lindo! ^^

Sylvia Thompson says:

Percy is adorable. Thank you for sharing your journey together. We are
bringing our black lab Angus home on December 5th:)

bicsmokescrack says:

love the dog but the sound of traffic is awful in your garden

Sam Sanderson says:

So sad, I’m away at university and had to leave my black lab at home and
this video was like torture… but in a good way? He’s such a little

Vera Graña Cassano says:

So cute! Lovely Percy!

Joana Gante says:

Bath at 8th week??? OMG!!!!

TeCCre E says:

Cute puppy, I have 2 chocolate labs as well, BEST dogs ever. Word of
friendly advice: since labs are subject to hip dysplasia, I would gets
runners for your floors to stop the splitting of the dogs rear legs.
Understandably that carpets are gross and ugly, but at least runners for
the main traffic area while he is growing to minimize problems later. 

Hannah C says:


NY NJ Labradors says:

Imagine raising them for their first 9 weeks of life? I do it once every
12 to 18 months and I absolutely LOVE IT! 3 more weeks until PUPPY BREATH
ahhhhhhhh …………..

Walid Abbas says:

Black labs are the best. And have beautiful shinny coat or at least min3
does 🙂
Nice video 

Stephan azzopardi says:

He’s so cute xxx

Ann Scott says:

What a beautiful video….he’s a right wee cheeky monkey!!! head in the
boot made me laugh out loud,… just wonderful!! x

navly ally says:

my 2 months lab being bad sometimes he tear off the couch and he bite
sometimes, but very ezy to be trained ^^

RayJayRob says:

Sooooooooo cute!!!!


he’s all like “this stinky thing must be placed outside!”

Daryl Gayle Cheng says:

i do not understand some press Dislike? stupid . This is super cute and
suuuupppppperrrr cute!

Kanwer Vikram says:

True if u want to understand meaning of love,companionship,care.GO ANd own
a dog.

Adriano G. V. Esposito says:

<3 _ <3

xXdemonkatanaXx says:

What a fatty

Ombretta F says:

awwwwwww i love Percy …

Gregory Hayes says:

Thanks for sharing. Great puppy! 

Josh Foggin says:

He or she is so cute 

Kanwer Vikram says:

My lab is 6yrs old.golden white nd I love her so much.

Animal Heart says:

I’m trying to convince my parents to get me a shelter dog…

Elise Hogarth says:

awe I’m getting a chocolate lab puppy tomorrow and I couldn’t be more

Infinite Sky says:


Henry . says:

He is so cute

countroshculla says:

Very sweet.

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