Oscar, our labrador puppy, scared to cross the door threshold for his first walk

Oscar, our labrador puppy, scared to cross the door threshold for his first walk

VIDEO – This is Oscar, our labrador puppy. He was sooooo nervous about crossing the threshold of the front door when we were taking him for his first ever walk. Sooo cute, and what a loving home he has….




Rinesh Laloe says:

Witch color is he

Gina Atkins says:

Too. Damn. Cute 

Garth Downton says:

A beautiful dog in a loving home! 

Steve Furn says:

Aw, he reminds me of when my golden lab was a puppy. I think Labradors
remain cute all their lives but when they’re little they are super cute!

ingion1 says:

i feel the same each time i have to pay some bills

Genia L. says:

Oscar is too cute. Thank you for the video, David :)

urswitchbacked says:

Aww! Poor baby.

Alexàndrà Z. says:

That’s so cute…!!!!

iswordz555 channel says:

So cute

Katia C. says:

Uno identico per me non c’è ne sta?! lol auhauhu

Bayster HD says:

Where did you get oscar from

Kadir AKSOY says:


REECE801oWns says:

I love labs so much so adorable !

Diwash1 says:

Get a shoulder rope. Please

Christian Jiang says:

Davvero carino ;)

denbriskameonoma says:

He’s not afraid of the treshold asshole.. But of the stairs..

Oscar Jetson says:

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Sean Martin says:

it is so cute

Esma Altin says:

I want one

GBraidi78 says:

Very cute puppy you have, please check the 2 videos I have of our

abhirup chakraborty says:

Oscar!! I just love you to bits.. grow strong and tall and be annoyingly
hyperactive as labradors are.. you will be a royal pain, but you’re family
will still love you to bits! God bless you!! 

nemanja blagojevic says:

<33333 xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD xD

Anon Amos says:

naw what a sweetheart he is

Varcolac s says:


Maria suarez says:


dezdetin says:

He’s cute! Thanks for sharing!

Clubpenginfan101 says:

//died from cuteness

JOhn Anderson says:

you should just force it out, you need to be more assertive and force his
will! thats how you teach these things

Jessica D says:

Is he a yellow lab? I had to put my yellow lab down a couple of months
ago. She was the best dog ever! Labs really are a great breed!

Mac Day says:

Cute wee monkey

Kailaa3 says:

He is a gorgeous pup!

Reddylion says:


bacongirl alice says:

Weldone David u got 40 likesand 0dislikes!!!!!!


I think that is because it was his first trip out of his territory

Chigz Gohel says:

So cute x

Eduardo Martins says:

How old is he?

Xboxlove1 says:

Don’t let him pull you on a walk from the start, or they’ll be pulling you
every time for the next 15 years lol

groovyvocalist says:

hahaha… 😉 Well done, cute little creature.

CookieCarnagez Gametime says:

Aww great video

mascottie says:

I feel like him sometimes haha

marycatfish says:

Congratulations on the new member of the family.Oscar is adorable. May you
enjoy many years together. Blessings. Liliane

Edyta Kowalczyk says:


keta kh says:

so lovely.. : ))

Moonskinlight says:

Made me smile and brought back memories of my blabs early walks, he is
seven now – ..bribery works really well with labs in an emergency 😀
..Oscar looks like he is doing really well with you both , and he is great
looker also. They are great dogs , wonderful temperament and a lot of fun,
Wishing him and you all the best 🙂

vasilios zah says:

very cute 🙂

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