Max the Labrador LOVES getting a Bath!

Max the Labrador LOVES getting a Bath!

My English Labrador Retriever getting a bath before Christmas! He is an incredibly tolerant, happy family dog. Looking good in that pink shower cap……



IDVoter says:

1:17 is the best part.

Rae K says:

Lol cute 

BeigomaStudios053 says:

our hannah use to run the exact same way.

TheRusty VW says:

Great video. I’ve got a yellow as well (American)… He’s 10 going on 2
mentally. Max is an absolute cutie. You should film more of his antics and
post them… 

r light says:

The shower cap is hilarious!!

Patrick Mallacoccio says:

This reminds me of the dogs at Endless Mountain Labradors.

DeadManRising andHisVideos says:

If that girl gave me a bath, I’d love it too.

Just saying.

cuzakuru says:

hes not happy cause there is no bubbles

Baltazar Freire says:

A gente não cria cachorro da raça que a gente quer mesmo.

Ilgın Taşeli says:

“hey,my guy! what is this in my head?”

BeigomaStudios053 says:

max doesn’t look too amused

Lina Maria Rodriguez says:

Jajajajjajajajaj aja lindo perrito ¡

Dog Haus says:

I would dunk that little one in some sweet and sour sauce and eat him like
a nugget. 

Une Nombre says:

Max doesn’t say much, does he?

tyruk says:

Someone’s lucky.

Kool Beans says:

white people have the nicest houses.

studywithvidz says:

lol love it

laura whisnant says:

He does not look amused

Yblehs Regua says:

Hahaha my min pin was the same way after a bath XD

moncsi325 says:

Super cute :-)

erik gutierrez says:

Cute and my dog like that all time.when she gets out of the shower too

abbbs3796 says:

Haha, why are dogs so hyper after the bath? Mine’s the same

L. Kelshan says:

Give Max a large hug for me.. he’s soo cute! LOL!! That’s just soo

DOJ says:

Is that the Creature House?

Dave Chappel says:

shes so cute, shes so cute lol

Susy Mosquera says:

I love it

tatjana1707 says:

This is not a dog,this is the biggest pile of sugar,chocolate,candies and
all those cute stuff…. 🙂 it makes you wanna melt :)

Chance Turner says:
santino tutoriales says:

suscribance a mi canal y yo me suscribo a ustedes

Jen Brady says:

lol tooo cute

bianca caggiano says:

That’s soo sweet my rotties and yorkie love the shower way more haha

Maria Eduarda Diniz Teixeira says:

I love

Zi Xuan Lim says:


Jonathan Wehr says:

Ah I see your dog too has an “after bath freak mode” as well. My dog too
has this same condition as well. 

Eric Mazur says:

Whenever i put my yellow lab Marley in the tub,He jumps out and looks at me
like i just ripped his squeaky toy i n half 

doctadeath2020 says:

I can fap to this

mary b says:

he’s running and running
that finnay he is done to take a bath
i love that dog,,,, :)

Masha Clapp says:


Angelo Rodriguez says:

so much cute ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

wallaguest1 says:

big house

Wen XIA says:

Haha so cute

MPSecare says:

that reminds me I have to give my lab a bath

b palmento says:

cute! too cute!

Paula Lilac says:

He loves you so much that he even puts up with that pink douche hat
haahahaha. Wonderful dog.

Александра Онушкина says:

cute dog) and nice house)

Marjorie Poulin says:

My dog is a labrador too! He’s called Borax!:)

Thodoris Aggelis says:

he is so cute

Angelo Rodriguez says:

Hey so cutie

princess090376 says:

max sei meraviglioso.

Laci Dávid says:

ez szeret furodniű

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