Labrador Shame No1

Labrador Shame No1

Maggie May admits “I got on the kitchen counter and took a bag of chocolate truffles that belonged to our Mom.” Cocoa Chanel confesses “I helped her eat them.”



I would have helped also. ha ha. Cute

Rob Holeman Rob Holeman says:

Awww…mine does the same thing. And has the same guilty look! Lol

Sue Taylor Sue Taylor says:

True, if only they were black Hayley Martin Taylor

And they look so ashamed! LOL

Laura Daly Laura Daly says:

Lucy Stone ring any bells?

Reminds me of my sweet girls…same guilty look! Lol

Viv Hough Viv Hough says:

That dog on the left looks so guilty lol

Amanda Bolderson you may like this site

Alese Laird Alese Laird says:

One on the left remind you of someone Kirstie Laird

How could you be cross with these two little sweeties I hope they enjoyed them

very cute still cant have one though

Paula Lane Paula Lane says:

O I love these type of posts xx

Cathy Kinser Cathy Kinser says:

Well they are chocolate

Didn’t think of that….

Lynn Sasso Lynn Sasso says:

Is that rigs doing that lol

Deion Faulks Deion Faulks says:

Brittany Steffen Wanda Rasco sounds like jake & punkin to me

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