Labrador Facts

Labrador Facts

Really fun overview of the wonderful attributes of the Labrador Retriever. Ok, so we knew all that (or most of it anyway), but some of those puppies are cuuute…….



Best Breed Ever says:

Labs can bring you beer from the fridge?! Awesome!

KawaiiKitsune says:

i have 3 labs, all different colours, yellow, black and chocolate

Henrys CruiseHaven says:


Brinkley C says:

My 15 year old black lab Brinkley died in his sleep from old age this past
Saturday, he was healthy and fit all the way and we are lucky he didn’t
suffer at all. Truly an handsome, loyal, loving brother to me and even
though the pain right now is unbearable and I can’t seem to accept reality,
it’s still outweighed by all the years of love and happiness he gave me for
half of my life. They have such amazing personalities and he’s probably
still hanging around my house in spirit.

Matthew Lavery says:

Labs are the dog for me but my mum doesn’t like big dogs but me and my dad
are trying to persuade her to like them

norman no says:

personally i would advise against getting a lab – because they are such
wonderful characters that when they die it is genuinely heartbreaking

Conor Laffan says:

lol fake my old chocolate lab lived to be 16 in human years and 112 in dog
years its true not lieing

ComputerSavvy says:

I love my lab and in general they are a great breed. With that being said,
like all dogs (animals) one size does not fit all. Labs can have issues
everything from genetic and health issues to social issues. Inbreeding
also plays a role with this breeds’ genetic issues. When young they can be
highly energetic requiring space and exercise. They are also social and
require socialization and interaction. With enough time, devotion, love,
and exercise they will return it with love, devotion and being a great
family pet. However, there are other dogs that are better suited for
people who require a dog with lower energetic needs and less maintenance.
Take a look at your lifestyle, environment, and willingness to work with
the dog before becoming an owner. Do your research.

Joe Blow says:

I’ve come across a few of these dogs that are savage before. Which is a sad
indictment on those who have a Labrador, they’re not meant to be savage at
all and should be warm and lovable companions which are friendly towards

I shudder to think how they’ve been treated. 

Jveeii's EpicGaming says:

Yes…..Labs are super friendly and lovely…..and yes, it can be trained
but my lab. Know only how to shake XD

Nazia Ahmadi says:

its a best lab video i’v ever seen. kudos!!

TheIndiDUDE says:

You gotta do a husky video please!!! I’m trying to decide between german
shepherd or Siberian husky. I have never owned a dog before so i suggest
you do a vid on siberian husky’s if you can

Kim Cao says:

I’m planning on getting a lab. Any suggestions on a way how to take care of

caveman861 says:

Labs are some of my favourite people! :D

WolfNation123 says:

Have you done poodle? I want a labradoodle and want to know more about both
breeds with them being hard to predict and all XD

rukiashikigame says:

I love Labs !!! they are so fun to be with ~ I have 5 with me ♥

Jazmine says:

They did not mention that labs are HIGH ENERGY! They need A LOT of exercise
or they will destroy your home!. Especially as puppies and they remain
puppies for almost 3 years. Don’t take this lightly, trust me, do your
research on lab forums. A walk around the block will not do for a lab. If
you already made up your mind then at the very least get an English Lab
over an American. American labs are field dogs and don’t do too good as
family pets. Oh and not to mention the SHEDDING!! Like nothing I have ever
seen before, they aren’t clean dogs. Marley and Me is not so cute in
reality. Please realize this b4 you buy one. it’s sad bc many end up giving
them up, especially the field ones 🙁 

Amoni Dorrington says:

Thankyou for taking my wishes and doing a Labrador after watching this my
parrents actually got us a Labrador puppy.

Dionitzi Collins says:


Enchanting Dream says:

Can you please do Huskies?I’ve been asking in all the videos :)

Emma brierley says:

Have you done shih tzu I want shih tzu

Adrian Patrick says:

Hey, we have a new dog that was given to us by my father’s friend. They
told us that its mother was a japanese spitz and its father is (most
likely) a labrador retriever. I doubt that it is a labrador nor a japanese
spitz, but I think they can be bred, right? It is still a puppy. Its color
is light brown, almost like tortilla. It has a black line on its back and
its muzzle is black. Though it has a labrador ear and webbed feet (I think
so). Would you please tell me if it is a genuine labrador retriever? 

swapnil sane says:

All Labrador lovers do watch this one… i loved it, you will too… 

purv pradhan says:

Indeed best breed..!

Sonal Vartak says:

I have a lab

Martin Hernandez says:

Do chihuahuas

popsingerstar says:

my cousins have a chocolate lab named hershey & he loves me more than
anybody! he wants 2 be a lap dog but he’s about a hundred pounds. nobody
lets him be 1 except me. i’m the only 1 who lets him up with me. i watched
him while my aunt & cousin were in florida on may 16-18 this year & i let
him sleep in bed with me too. she told me nobody lets him on the bed cuz of
how big he is 🙂 my aunt told me nobody else gives him so much attention. i
love him soooooo much & she even said i could have him if i wanted 2 🙂 i
love him soooooo much & i’m gonna see him on the 27th!!!! i got him a bone
& some treats!

Ann Pax says:

he forgot to close the fridge he is so cute

Telma Dögg says:

i love my lab so much shes on my profile pic :)

Valerie Gago says:

Maltese pls

SilverStar40 says:

I have a good black lab and a mix lol

Gabriela Acornicesei says:

it is very nice!

Veronica is Awesome says:


Jaylyn FLO says:

I have a silver lab she is 2 months old but she is a big puppy

Dawson Davis says:

I’ve had 3 Labradors (amongst other breeds) and they remain my favorite. Iv
had a gentle Giant, an obedient mammys boy and now my New Lab dede (who is
a daddys girl) and a giant teddy that demands cuddls 24-7. Best. dogs.

erinin1976 says:

PSA they shed their weight in hair weekly so invest in a great vacuum
cleaner. Best. Breed. Ever!

Matias Sobarzo says:

collie lab mix!

Joyce C. says:

i had died this summer :(

Thomas Zaleski says:

18 clowns not like this.

gunjunky7520 says:

Actually Newfies are a bigger version of the labrador. What they called
the Newfoundland dog back in the 1800s was closer to a lab than to a modern

Deon Eybers says:

I have a Golden labrador her is Chloe she enegetic she so reliable when it
comes to doing stuff for us she does kill birds which is bad but she the
best dog ever


these dogs rule

fine time says:

My lab sheds has black fur/hair during the winter and chocolate fur in the

samson shqutaj says:

They are like golden recrevers sorry if I spelled it wrong but what I like
about these they shed much less

Capt777harris says:

My lab lived two decades. Where does this 12 to 13 years come in?

Candy The Guinea Pig says:

Italian greyhound please! 

xxpupgirlxx AJ says:


Sarah Hopwood says:

You left out the rarest color, silver.

julesmonroe47 says:

Had ours for 13yrs. A great dog!

brluen says:

Thank you so much for all the information about Labradors.
No wonder that they are so sweet,kind and lovable, as they originate from
I could never understand why our dog had this urge to jump into any kind of
water even in mid winter, when it was freezing cold. Even on a leash one
couldn’t stop her.
But if you had to wash her afterwards, since she was full of dirt and sand,
one ought to have thought that she was hydrophobic, the way she behaved :o)

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