Labrador Dog and Fluffy Baby Duck . Funny !!!!!!!!!!!

Labrador Dog and Fluffy Baby Duck . Funny !!!!!!!!!!!

VIDEO – Duckling thinks LabradorDog is its Mom? Make you smile or laugh. Such a gentle breed……



Brad James says:

That duck has tap shoes on

Scarrr says:

The sound of the ducklings feet on the floor. :)

April R says:

gentle giant, what a sweet pup

M Blane says:

True sign of a Labrador. Must stop at each orbit and eat some biscuits!
Love Labs

FunLyfe 17 says:

this is such a cute video!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have no idea how 8 people can dislike a sweet little fluffy
duckling and and chocolate lab

Martha Gillette says:

What an awesome video. I’ve learned since getting our Buddy that Labs get
along with any animal. 

Rylee012 says:

LOL the sound of the ducks feet running on the tile is cute and funny!

Suzanna Ungru says:

My chocolate lab is exactly likes this … he is a lover of all things
living 🙂 … Thanks for sharing.

Mark Nichols says:

What a good boy. Knows to throw it back ’til it gets some meat on its

Salla Takala says:

Labrador who doesn’t eat all food at once?? O_O Freak of nature :DD

Adam Fitzpatrick says:

That’s a beautiful dog

melodee says:

How does this have 10 dislikes?!

Jean Carton says:

remembers my black labrador Jim… R.I.P my best freind…

Maggie Wooz says:

My neighbors lab Clifford is so funny, he never listens to his owner when
he’s running around when he got loose by accident XD

Garth Downton says:

The duck has a story to tell it’s friends in the bird sanctuary!! Labs love
to hunt game birds that is what makes this video special. At no time did
the dog show one sign of ill intent. I am surprised the dog did not pick
the duck up in it’s mouth. It would have done so without hurting one
feather if commanded to do so. A well trained dog!!

Justine Barlow says:

Just plain adorable!

Ireallyreally Hategoogle says:

Dog: check
Duck: check
Funny: …???

tbwj21 says:

omg, the sound of the duck’s feet as it walks on the tile is so satisfying!

Maddiv2005 says:

Wow I have a chocolate lab that looks a lot like yours, her name is Layla

Mady Guindin says:

Soooo cool animals are the best

WitheringLotus says:

I am pretty sure the duck thinks the camera operator is mama but cute none
the less.

Couldn't think of a good name so i guess this is it says:

Wow, my dog would definitely just eat the duck….

omakshi pandey says:

ur dog is gorgeous <3

Ani Vai says:

Awww I want a duckling!

Craig Hopkinson says:

I hatched a goose off and it lived in the house for abit and all it did was
follow me around and whe the blokes come to fit the new carpet it run and
hid behind me then I put it on the farm and the fox had it a week later I
was gutted

badlandskid says:

Human: “Who do you have following you?”

Dog: “Lunch”

Pinkgie Vic says:

How are they doing now?

Harold Alvin says:

Customize your message

MissKpopJunkie says:

Super Cute!



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