K9 QuickClean

Hi everyone.

I love my dogs, but sometimes they do kinda end up smelling a bit DOGGY!

I’ve read this is due to acidity in the fur (and probably lots of nasty things they’ve rolled in!)

Whilst bathing your dog is healthy from time to time, it can be damaging to their skin if they are shampooed too frequently.

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Enter K-9 QuickClean! I’ve just found this product, which you sprinkle on your dog’s fur and brush in, and it actually deodorises the fur. It’s also made of natural ingredients which is a must for me if I’m putting it on my dog. It has Lavender oil in it so can actually leave your Lab smelling lovely.

Anyway, check it out here. There’s more information and some testimonials on the website.

Here’s the link againĀ K-9 QuickClean

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