Dogs 101 – Labrador Retriever

Dogs 101 – Labrador Retriever

Great run down of the Labrador’s characteristics and qualities….



ZAYAJ :D says:

Labrador or Golden retriever?

I don’t know which one to get?´╗┐

PrettyChillATM says:

labs = best dogs ever.
We rescued my lab when he was 2, and now he is 12 and as sweet as ever!
Still in good health too, just his eyes going a little foggy and his
hearing going out. Can still run fast all over the place, although he might
be done on the jumping ­čÖé
When he was young, before we got him while he lived out with his family who
lived in the woods, he followed us on a 4wheeler going about 15 mph through
the woods for 5 miles. Then ran the whole way home. Amazing breed!´╗┐

Paul Frank says:

*I’m a Lab Man myself . . .*´╗┐

Mei Yuan says:

they’re canadian so of course they’re the friendliest dogs you’ll ever

Jean Deloris says:

Moderately?!? They shed MODERATELY?!? My lab sheds so much we call it
pillow factory mode.´╗┐

Alana Castillo says:

we had to put our lab down yesterday because he was to sick, he was 13, he
was so faithful and dogs are just amaing´╗┐

Jax LLJ says:

Deffinition of Labrador ?=Walking dustbin. Will eat ANYTHING,turds, live
frogs,socks,slippers. Can chew= cast iron frying pan,knife
sharpener,telephone and directory,shoes ,entire sack(56lb) of
potatoes(chewed not eaten),can knock you over in a recall,fills their bed
with toys and does not bite when child cuts it’s ear with scissors.
Notorious Grape thief and ANY other food left within reach. ONLY KNOWN
DISLIKE? Pickled onions.´╗┐

A.M. Arteaga says:

My 11 year old Labrador had to be put down on November 1st. He got very
sick in August, but medicine kept him going for three more months. He was
amazing, and everything in this video is true. My dog had an amazing
ability to learn things—his most special trait besides his nobility was
his ability to hug. He’d sit down next to you and he’d curl his leg around
yours, while pressing his head against your thigh. That’s how he hugged!
Every time I’d hug someone he’d come over and try to get some love too, it
was adorable. These are some really special dogs indeed, and they *love* to
carry things in their mouths. Mine loved to carry mangos. Awesome breed

lavonna sanchez says:

labs are my Favorite Dogs for some reason i have a special gift for
them,they almost always come to me with tails wagging´╗┐

Demonic Smurf Gaming says:

Going to go look at a male yellow lab pup tomorrow, cant wait!´╗┐

Jax LLJ says:

TM …this was when my Lab was a puppy . Now we do obedience work and he is

Samya Gardner says:


mysha mehadi says:

My lab pup is probably the MOST mouthiest dog I Have EVER seen. ´╗┐

Jonathan Ramirez-Lamos says:

I have a 10 week old labernard (Saint Bernard/Labrador mix) her name is

Adrian Patrick says:

Hey, we have a new dog that was given to us by my father’s friend. They
told us that its mother was a japanese spitz and its father is (most
likely) a labrador retriever. I doubt that it is a labrador nor a japanese
spitz, but I think they can be bred, right? It is still a puppy. Its color
is light brown, almost like tortilla. It has a black line on its back and
its muzzle is black. Though it has a labrador ear and webbed feet (I think
so). Would you please tell me if it is a genuine labrador retriever? ´╗┐

IHasSharkBait says:

We have one he is soo cute he has a guilty face loo´╗┐

Carleigh Barrientos says:

Its also true. labs mouths are the gentlelest. They could Hold a baby. I
give my dog treats and she takes it nicely´╗┐

AnimalKingdom says:

Even though Labrador Retrievers are specially designed to swim my dog which
is part Labrador won’t even go 10 feet NEAR water. And they shed in the
spring and fall? My dog sheds every day.´╗┐

Kozawa Yuka says:

The video should’ve mentioned their love for food!! (and therefore extra
eyes out for obesity xD)´╗┐

carypm says:

I just adopted my first puppy, an 8 week old black lab. She has so much
energy. (I’ve had dogs my who life but they were always adults when we got

lolli says:

LOL! I researched the breed extensively before getting a Chocolate Lab.
NEVER again. It was eventually ruled he has some sort of imbalance
mentally. No kiddin’. It’s not about the breed it’s the personality of the
dog which doesn’t show up until they’re older. We’ve gone to multiple
trainers including a highly rated aggressive dog trainer. The trainer said
my lab was more difficult than the bully breeds he normally helps. Now
that’s a crappy situation to be in. Yet another reason to get an adult
shelter dog instead of taking the gamble with a puppy. ´╗┐

amelia says:

I have a lab mix and hes 12
He has some knee problems
His eyes are great
But he doesn’t have webbed paws because he’s a mix
He’s black´╗┐

Paige Goldstein says:

labrador retriever´╗┐

Superagstudios Yes says:

Ha ha. My dog has some German shepherd and black lab and she is the laziest
dogs I’ve ever seen. Plus she is a terrible guard dog and isn’t the
brightest. Ahh but labs are so funny I love them. ´╗┐

Vince Allen Meneses says:

My lab doesn’t want to breed. She’s mad at male dogs who try to have sex
with her. She’s 5yrs old now and still a virgin. What shall I do? ´╗┐

LeonShepard says:

I have a choc lab. Yay me´╗┐

Malcolm YNWA says:

Its newfoundland and labrador´╗┐

Max S says:

I hate labs. Everyone in my neighborhood has one, they’re so damn boring.
They’re all dead in the eyes. They have no personalities.´╗┐

Carleigh Barrientos says:

Aww its Bee! (I call my Black lab Ruby, Bee ^.^)´╗┐

Peter Jeyi says:

i have lab dog really very good i love it ´╗┐

Terri Romero says:

I think my is defective, she doesn’t like water, she sleeps all day until
about 5:00 (dinner time), she never stops shedding, never stops eating,
she’s about the opposite of every thing they said. But I love her. ´╗┐

Chyaboi Ry says:

I have a chocolate lab named Harley and he is really good with kids and I
would suggest getting one if you have a family.´╗┐

Jack Robbins says:

Best breed in the world. Snoopy was the most lovable, loyal and protective
dog ever.´╗┐

LuvkittyVideos says:

I have a chocolate lab named Miley, and she’s really motherly and sweet
<33 She was the runt of her litter and her leg was broken when we got her,
so if she wears herself out too much she'll start to limp, but we rarely
see it now.
She also lives snow and will roll around in it for hours xD´╗┐

Mark B. Stone says:

My well trained lab cannot carry an egg in his mouth without cracking the
shell, he’s mostly content to just eat the mess on the floor… he is well
trained though.´╗┐

James amxze says:

Lol I have a lab spaniel mix, and she hates swimming ´╗┐

Kevin Washington says:

Did they say… the black ones are good athletes and the white ones are
good police??´╗┐

Anna Banana Fo Fanana says:

I want one of my neighbors Labrador puppies. Her two Labs had a big
littler. I made a little presentation for my mom about the breed(she mean
when comes to dogs), wish me luck! :)(:´╗┐

John Douglas says:

have had my choclate lab for near 5 years now, names Tuck. best bird
dog/hunting buddy ill ever have, im single, and rarely get ou tinto big
citys or nonsense like that. so i often am alone most of the time, but good
ole tuck is there. best dog breed ever.´╗┐

Flower Sim says:

I am eleven and my family is considering to buy another dog,because my
miniature schnauzer tends to get destructive when left alone for couple of
hours. We live in apartment,but I am big fan of big dogs so I wanna get
one. I have time for long walks and I was considering maybe lab or golden
retriever. Can you tell me the best breed for this case? ´╗┐

Rad Pax says:

I own a lab and i love him. FRIENDLY REMINDER THOUGH! That oil on their
skin makes them REALLY stinky.
And yeah, they’re super smart and learn really well. I got my dog from my
dads old friend, and he was like 5 or 6 at the time, and in the time he’s
learned all the stuff I say.
When I make a chirping noise that means come here (i can’t whistle), when I
make a clicking noise that means lay down, he knows a LOT of English words
and can learn more. When I first got him he didn’t understand the concept
of fetching, and after only a FEW tries he understands now. I didn’t train
him from a puppy, so this is proof they can learn more, even when older.
They’re fantastic dogs.
Downside, the oil is smelly, and they can get issues with their ears since
they face down. ALSO BE CAREFUL WITH BREEDERS! My dog was not bred well
(not my choice obviously) so he has A LOT of health issues. So be weary. ´╗┐

Dayam Anuhya says:

awesome facts about lab´╗┐

Emma Albright says:

I want a black lab, I have a German Shepherd and she is boring, hates
water, hates car rides, hates most people, and won’t play fetch. ´╗┐

Sarah Abbas says:

I have a BEAUTIFUL Shepard lab mix and he is so beautiful and I love him he
is great and he loves fetch he gets to come with me to work and he is great
get this dog they are so amazing it’s impeccable ´╗┐

Macie Brayden says:

They come in 6 colors´╗┐

war hound says:

Black labs rule ´╗┐

Melissa Mc says:

I see labs and collies everywhere in Ireland:) ´╗┐

dimitris dellas says:

labs are da best!´╗┐

drummie942 gaming says:

I have a lab and we trained it to ring a bell if it had to potty´╗┐

samuel irom says:

Planning to get a lab for myself. Love them.´╗┐

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