Dog Whisperer: Showdown with Holly

Dog Whisperer: Showdown with Holly

VIDEO – While dealing with Holly’s food aggression, Cesar gets bitten on the hand. I think this guy is phenomenal, so it’s amazing to see how he deals with this situation. Make sure to watch until 1 min! So unlike a Labrador in nature.



SinDelle Morte says:

Food aggression is one of the biggest reasons children are bitten and other
pets in the household are attacked. This problem must be fixed IMMEDIATELY
and the only way to fix it is to make the dog understand that they are not
the controller of the food, you are. The only way to show a dog like this
that you are the dominant animal is to take her food away. She has to learn
that it is not her food, it is your food and she can only have it if you
say so. She is a dog; she possesses, owns and controls nothing. A large dog
that does not understand this is very dangerous. I remember this episode;
the family had a very small child. A dog this size could kill the family’s
child easily. What most of you don’t seem to understand is that Cesar has
to provoke the animal to see how far this will go. There is no other way to
know how dangerous the dog is. He has to provoke an attack. You cannot
correct a behavior without provoking the behavior first. It’s common sense,
seriously. Some of you need your heads examined. Dogs are not people. They
are not children. They are DOGS. You cannot reason with them or talk to
them. This dog’s life was ultimately spared and no one was hurt by her.
What better outcome could there be? Also, for the 700th time: *Cesar Milan
is not a dog trainer. He is a hard case rehabilitator. These are not the
same things.*

This dog was not afraid. She took a bite out of him because she wanted to.
That is a dangerous animal. 

Paisley Plays What M8? says:

That kick wasn’t shit. He was getting bitten. I bet you guys would do WAY
worse if you were in that situation. It’s easy to say “don’t kick an
animal” when your hand is resting on a keyboard and not in a dogs mouth. 

Knowledge says:

I´ll repeat: Cesar is doing everything right. The dog’s owner is the one
who feeds it, so yes, the dog has to learn to behave itself even when
eating. It’s like slapping your kid’s wrist when he/she tries to play with
fire. They learn and don’t do it. Don’t give me that “tolerant” P-C
bullshit. Learn or burn.

Gretchen H says:

Why is he cornering this dog when she’s clearly uncomfortable? Dumbass

kayla hoang says:

Guys, don’t take Cesar the wrong way. Yea him kicking the dog is wrong but
it wasn’t on purpose and it was entirely out of reflex and defense. Imagine
a dog attacking you out of no where, wouldn’t you do something ‘physical’
to get him off? It out of natural defense. I’m sure more than half of you
will not stay there while a dog is biting your arm off and your asking him
to “stop biting you”. He was trying to tell the dog authority and a stance.
Haven’t you heard the saying “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you…”?

Kyle Sampson says:

This cunt. Let the dog eat. Why do you have to touch it while it eats. LET
THE DOG HAVE HIS MUNCH! Wait just one minute then taa daa, you can ‘love’
it all you want.
Shit head stepping over it like he’s any better. YOU DIDNT SEE IT COMING?
Fuck I did, I would bite a wanna be tough guy like this pansie too. Idiot. 

Darklarik says:

Oh my god all the idiots crying out for Cesar hitting the dog, it was a
defensive action, what was he meant to do let the dog bite his ass? A dog
like this NEEDs to be submited. You all a bunch of cry baby dog hugging
pussies who dont know shit.

The guy gets things done. He has re-habilitated hundreds of dogs and has a
huge pack of them at his home. I dont question his methods, they fucking

Zer0nite says:

All these dog experts who know better in the comments section.

Have to wonder why none of YOU have had your own tv show?

Ste Dunn says:

He hit that dog right in the neck, he can phrase it how ever he wants, but
he he physically hit the dog in the neck and that’s a painful thing. I
dislike dogs (don’t hate) but I don’t agree with hitting them in that
situation, put the dog down if it’s like that, if it went for a child going
past it’s food…. Is it worth it?

Troy Shaw says:

Some of you people are a joke. A dog is a pet and a companion. The dog
should never be placed above your child or another human being. Cesar is
there to save that worthless dogs life because that couple has children.
That dog is aggressive and could hurt their child. So, if their baby
provoked the dog and that animal attack him/or her should they excuse it.
HELL NO… It maybe time to put that animal down… 

John Eichler says:

I have a Shiba Inu, and for 13 years he’s been the most loyal companion on
earth. I get on the ground and play with him, sometimes rough, I get a lot
of play growls, but never once have I ever been risk at an attack. He’s
basically a lap dog who eats food gently from my mouth sometimes. I made
the mistake of bringing home some chicken from a restaurant and putting it
on the ground, then was playing with my dog. He wanted the chicken, and I
obstructed him from reaching it, so he growled, but I thought he was
playing, and continued to be in between him and the chicken. He bit my lip
and ripped it in 2. My mouth looked like a pair of curtains opened at the
middle before I had it stitched back together. All I could think of was
thank God it wasn’t my wife, kids, or any visitors. Food aggression is
beyond a serious issue, and it’s what the humane society uses as a gauge on
whether or not to euthanize incoming dogs. I don’t believe Cesar did
anything terrible here. A slight swipe which wouldn’t have hurt at all,
and the kick was just to get the dog off his hand when the dog was clamped
down. That wasn’t animal abuse. 

Linda Lempi says:

I feel so sorry for that and every other dog that Cesar is training 🙁 He
always says he wants to be the pack leader… It´s very obvious that he
hasn´t read so much about dogs. There isn´t any “pack leader” in the wild,
neither does is in captivity. I don´t think that Cesar ever thought about
the word “dominance” because he uses the word in totally wrong situtations.
The word “dominance” actually means “access to an object that nobody owns
yet”. And he uses the word when the dog is actually terrified. That dog
showed him so many calming signals that is makes you sick.

Glasnya Rose says:

YOU NEVER punch a dog! that is why i hate cesar millan. I had a dog that
was food aggressive. I trained her out of it in a few days and never once
did i raise my voice or hand on the animal. The fact he hit the dog while
offer food, will reinforce that aggressive behavior

Wanda Tillman says:

As a dog trainer myself, with some training in psychology and applied
behavior, I could only stand to watch a minute of this travesty. By the
time 30 seconds had elapsed I had called FDT less than respectful names at
least twice. What he is doing here, if applied to a child would get him
brought up on charges of abuse. To televise such abusive behavior toward an
animal makes me sick. I used to have respect for National Geographic, but
when they put this idiot on TV I dropped my subscription to their magazine
and refused to watch their channel.

The dog is clearly trying to appease this insane person and he is ignoring
her and behaving very aggressively; attacking the dog! Who up to the time I
quit watching because I could not stand to see such abusive treatment, had
done nothing to warrent his abuse of her. I am so glad this show is
discontinued. His unprofessional antics disgust me.

thejoexman says:

I’m a dog trainer and, frankly, every time Cesar smacks a dog, I want to
cry. It’s a horrible practice and teaches your dog only one thing: you’re
there to cause it pain. Training a dog has nothing to do with submission or
dominance; the relationship is like that of a parent and child. You love
your dog and you will do anything for them, but when you need them to do
something, they better do it, just because you say so. Smacking your dog
will either make them want to fight back or become terrified of you. How
would you feel if your child was always terrified of you? It’s a horrible
practice and every time I see someone hit their dog, I have to step in.

And here’s an idea; if they don’t want to be touched while they eat, DON’T
TOUCH THEM WHILE THEY EAT. Good God, it’s a simple thing. If the dog is
sweet EXCEPT when it eats, just allow it to eat. Why WOULD you want to
touch it while it eats? To pet it? Just wait three fucking minutes and it
will let you love it all you want. For fucks sake…

Da Kid Gowie says:

I swear I hate people sometimes. You all are pretty much saying if a dog
attacks you, you should wait until the dog eases up. NO! If a dog bites me,
I’m going to do whatever it takes to get my hand free. That little kick
didn’t even effect the dog at all because it still didn’t ease up
immediately. People love to pretend like dogs are infants. There has been
dogs that survived REAL abuse. Being burned, beaten, stabbed, shot, etc.

Aaron Aageson says:

He took an extremely aggressive stance between a dog and it’s food .. Don’t
ever do that unless you have a camera crew and 6 figures .. he got what he

greymushroom1 says:

all these ppl saying poor dog while the man is bleeding and could have an
infection. let me see one of you guys one on one with a dog like this and
they stuck their teeth in your arm and see if you are going to gently touch
him on his head to snap his reflexes to take his teeth out. He did it to
protect himself as well as to snap the dog out of it. this isn’t his first
case, even the why he throw his leg shows he knows where to go to snap him
out of it. I had a dog bit my sister and wouldn’t let go and we had to hit
the side of his arm area to snap him out of it. all you ppl about poor dog,
none of you will be there when this dog gets put down because of something
that could have been fixed just by getting someone like cesar who
understands dog to help rehabilitate him.

Besar Maxharri says:

daaaaamn that’s crazy. I have 2 dogs 1 that was always very aggressive and
dominant. Ever since she first started showing these signs of aggression to
me I would grab the back of her neck and wrestle her to the ground until
she was on her side, get on top of her then hold her mouth closed while
putting my face close to hers and kind of snarling like a dog. That
completely fixed the problem after having to do it only a handful of times.
She respects me now and will not act aggressive at all when I am around.
All I have to do now is give her a look and she gets very submissive. I
wonder why this guy doesn’t do that.

speedoflite1 says:

That dog is serious !! “you want summa this?” …Cesar’s the one who’s

Dan K says:

You guys can say anything you want about Ceasar but let me tell you, his
shit works.
And he took that bite like a man.
Seriously if this is the wrong tactic for your dog then do it your own way
and stop crying about his way. The kicking he does is not hurting the dog
at all.
I have my own way as well, cause if my dog is agressive or biting me or
other people he knows he is in a lot of trouble, further the dog loves.
If you have a dog this agressive then clearly you are not a good pack

Diego Espinoza says:

Wtf? How can you people say “put the dog down” just like that? This is an
animal that needs to have their behavior corrected. That’s what Cesar is
doing, not abusing the dog. Stop throwing the towel whenever things get
hard with your pets, all you need is patience. Cesar has proven that very
well over the years. He has rehabilitated many dogs on “death row” which
only shows that there’s hope for any dog out there.

janice blake says:

Zeronite, I don’t need a tv show, my proof is in my dogs on the streets
everyday, protecting all of us from crime! If you ever get the chance,
check out the techniques, that most of the k9 trainers use, and maybe you
will get a little glimpse of my life and why I can be proud of what I used
to do! Don’t need no tv show to prove it :-)

Kristy K. James says:

I’m sorry, but how is it considered training to slug an animal?

channelswimmer says:

the owners look like actors. fake hollywood couple

Mariana Cui says:

For those who said that Cesar was cruel when he kicked the dog…seriously?
He was bitten in the hand god dammit! And the dog is shaking his teeth! Do
you think he would have just stood calmly waiting for the dog to finish? It
HURTS! And a kick to the dog won’t hurt so much…Dogs are tough, ok? This
one is grown up, it can tolerate a kick…stop thinking as if they are

h1ph0pjunk1e says:

i wouldve ripped tht dogs throat out and started eating it right infront of
there owners, dont get me worng i love loving animals, but if tis a evil
little cunt like that one i have no issues in killing it, dont care why its
like that, i end it its life. hate me all u want

Jastina Chan says:

my dog does that grr sound when I try to pet him while he’s eating and I’m
really afraid that one day he would bite me…. I don’t know how to train

TheMightyAvenger3232 says:

Anybody who is questioning his kicking of the dog, must have never actually
experienced a gnarly dog fight or have themselves been attacked by some
gnarly dog. Let’s see it happen to you and see how much in the moment
thinking you do as opposed to shear survival instinct, which is what Cesar
reverted to, cause his life or at least or son was in danger. I’ve been at
tech ed and I love dogs, but when I almost lost my finger, the dogs
involved were getting kicked while my fixers were in the mouth of the dog.
Yea I’m sure the dog feels a little pain from getting kicked but nothing
compared to a whole your body made by a sharp k9 tooth. I’m not saying to
go around kicking dogs, I’m just saying that unless you’ve been in the
situation he was in, you have no idea what it’s like and you’re logic of,
if if you’re getting bit, it’s not right to kick a dog, is just wrong. Get
attacked and let’s see you not immediately do what ceaser did in this
situation or probably even worse. 

drServitis says:








Annie Adrenaline says:

lol these comments. people whining clearly don’t know the first thing about
canine behavior. take a quick lesson, these are domesticated wolves. they
have a pack mentality engrained in them. they learn to behave through
negative reinforcement and negative reinforcement only. an aggressive dog
like this needs to be shown who is the alpha. Cesar is an extraordinary
trainer and did everything right in this scenario. no wonder so many people
have yappy, nippy, jumpy, annoying dogs. learn to train and understand your
animals and your relationship with them will only get better. oh and that
fucking 70 lb dog didn’t care about that kick (more like a tap) for shit

Jonathan Bertocchi says:

It’s because he doesn’t speak chinese.. hahaha

Justin Sherrill says:

Also shoot Caesar Millan…other problem solved

ShoeniceDeletedVideosX23 says:

I think this dog needs to take the big sleep.

MisterKorihor says:

That dog is too aggressive. It should be put down.

Sunaly Vang says:

Can you come and train our dog because he is wild

Tru V says:

Funny how some people think they know more than Cesar just because they had
a couple of dogs in their life. Cesar is surrounded by dogs practically
all his life. Look at his dogs, they are very well behaved and still act
like dog (meaning they are not like brainwashed dogs that acts like robot).
His pitbulls Daddy and Junior are perfect examples.

Josh Spawn says:

its weird seeing a lab or retriever be aggressive they are always super

Mid West says:

I don’t understand how you can break the aggression between all family
members / strangers. My son got a couple stitches in his lip from getting
between the dog and his food so you attempt to instruct or isolate until
the kids are old enough to feed the dogs and that’s the only stage I’m
aware that you can enforce your dominant role with food. Unfortunately in
my sons case I should have isolated the dog. When we had our daughter
first kind of put us in a lull and were not expecting the ambitiousness
that our son showed.

Connor Kingston says:

I don’t see what the dog did wrong
let the dog live the way he wants to whats wrong with him right now he made
the dog uncomfortable and the dog attacked labradors would never hurt
anyone unless provoked too they’re the kindest breeds of dog thats ever

Harold Johnson says:

Now everyone has become professional dog trainers overnight lol….shut up
aholes. This is not a fully domesticated dog it still has wolf/pack like
tendencies…if that was a pit bull people would be saying oh put it down
but since its a dog with a good rep you forget that a dog is a animal and
some still have that pack mentality hence food aggression and what do
animals do in the wild when there’s food…they fight until one takes the
dominant role and others fall in line or they learn to play nice and share
its laws of nature the dog/animal has to know/learn who’s boss (humans) or
play nice and share point blank. Lastly if this was your kids hand you
wouldn’t think he was wrong and if you still side with the dog….well,
roll over and play dead you illogical animal lol

amanda99737 says:

That is not a family dog. Major rehabilitation sure but not with a family.
Get rid of that dog! Up north that animal would be shot. Family first and
animals are animals. 

Juan Fraire says:

cesar has balls of steel to get up on that bitch’s face. Bitch could have
bite his balls off!

Paul Mcgrath says:

personaly if i had a dog that aggressive towards food etc i would have it
humanely put to sleep.

Kasra Khademi says:

People who complain about him being aggressive towards the god obviously
either dont own a dog and if they do, they own calm and sweet dogs so they
have never had any experience with dogs that go wild. When a dog goes wild
you just cannot calm him down by being calm. You gotta stop the violence
with a bit of violence not too much to hurt them. If the dog, just like any
other living creature even humams, senses that you are being weak infront
of him it impowers him andbhe might hurt you so you gotta stop that right
on the spot with some intense hits but not harmfull but still to give them
some shock so the next time he tries to get wild and aggressive he
remembers the consequence. Just like a bully at your school. If you say
please dude dont hurt me, that person will fuck u up because you showed him
weakness and it impowered him. But if you punch him in the face he wont be
bullying no more. Dogs are not always cute.

antonio wolf says:

When he kicked the dog smh 

+R & Trick Training says:

The dog bit him because it was terrified. Taking a dogs food away for
resource guarding will cause even more resource guarding. If they think
you’ll take it away, they’ll snap to get you to back off. Teach them to
“leave it” when you put it down and say “okay” when you’re ready for them
to eat. Say “leave it” again while they’re eating. Take the bowl away. Give
it right back. It shows them that they’ll get to eat and get their bowl

suna sasori says:

his restraint is amazing, I would have snapped that dogs neck. 

ramiro ocampo says:

I would not want a Dog like that sorry it would frustrate me a lot to deal
with its aggression I’ll be piss trying to calm it down I like animals but
that Dog you can tell it’s to aggressive and so what he grabbed the bowl
the dog got mad like Dam he didn’t do nothing all he did is grab the bowl
the dog was scary and yeah theyre concern for there family the owners kids
no that Dog needs help I would not to keep it sorry that’s why sometimes
its best not to have a pets my opinion cause they can attack at any time
especially Dogs 

drumma4lyfe06 says:

I wonder if he still has Holly in his pack?

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