Baby climbs on recliner with help from labrador

Baby climbs on recliner with help from labrador

VIDEO – Look at just how tolerant Labradors are! Determination and Teamwork. Logan scales the recliner again, with some help from his big sister.



LeoAutodidact says:

He’s gonna be doing Mount Midoriyama in a decade or two!

(Meanwhile, poor Puppy! No respect at all. What’s his name Rodney? (For
Dangerfield, of course.)

tscottme says:

It’s the baby version of X-Games.

SexySheerah says:

The baby is so tenacious! LOL!

whynot0224 says:

aww, the dog is sooo patient and tolerant.

DJOfRadioGallifrey says:

The baby had a set goal, and he was going to accomplish it. He will do well
in the business world…that, or the Olympics- If that doesn’t work; try
the circus.

crazypianolady says:

Awesome family!

Andrea Barker says:

@mrrucapus first of all, if you wanna see bad language, i’ll show you bad
language. second of all, i have never met a lab who hid it when they were
in pain. and 3rd of all, you honestly think that a 20 pound kid is gonna do
damage to a dog who is over 100 pounds??

Izzy Lewis says:


kelsey zoot says:

Stop….that baby….too fucking cute……just as adorable

Nan Barber says:

very cute! Not good that he’s standing on the dog’s back though!

Sean Yal says:


uchihaitachi34 says:

lol cute

devenishr says:

oh my god this is too cute

TheRatbonez says:

baby ninja

Kathleen Sheehan says:

Ever hear of the children’s book, Good Dog, Carl? Looks like they have…

fran g says:

the thinks it feels great

Mario Canuday says:

so big dog…hehehehe

Rohith Rao says:

So cute

BDUB715230 says:

I love how when the baby pets the dog it’s obvious that he doesn’t know
what he’s doing, but that he’s just copying mom and dad 🙂

DemetreKre says:

Goes for the MacBook Air…

klezibaby88 says:

I love the chunky baby legs and his little toes soooooooo cute <3

jellyfish53 says:

That’s why Labs are the best! Not too many other breeds would just lay
there and take it like that!

fullmetal0621 says:

the dog’s like “what am I doing with my life…”


wrong and bad remark/humor, but rest is cute.

Jeff Foxx says:

What a thick beautiful lab!

Spooder Boobies says:

or a super ninja

K Dunn says:

This is the second video I have seen that shows your baby abusing your dog.
You need to teach him better. FYI, the hips of large dogs (like yours) are
quite sensitive. An injury (as could be caused by what is shown in this
video) could cause severe arthritis etc when the dog is older.

miguel chavez says:


Sole Rodriguez says:

I like how he makes sure if his back is able to step on then goes again!:)

Country Girl says:

Awesome job training that dog! She’s so patient. Doesn’t even budge when
the kid climbs all over her.

Zurvan says:

wow your baby is smart

Janssen F says:

Awww! He just wanted to hug his daddy 🙂

Akmal R. says:

parkour at its finest

1vonKyle says:


Leanna Herring says:


Patricia Bianco says:

That baby made me laugh when he hugged his Dad

azngitano says:

everytime the baby fails he gives the dog a little massage so he can try
again lol

CarlenRunsWithPens says:

That was soooo adorable, that kid has skills. Lol :0)

Molon Labe says:

baby ninja training: 1.learn to climb on and over anything

yuklznew says:

OMG the baby just wanted his daddy! Soooooo cute! I was just praying that
the baby doesn’t crush the dog’s PP :/

kissmiss629 says:

too cute~

2wingo says:

The kid didn’t need help, he was able to do it on his own.

strollertwinbaby says:

That’s team work! Of a nice dog and a skillful child!

Kathy Borie says:

omg that was awesome!!!

teed says:

i like this for: the dog that doesn’t give a shit, the baby that wants to
be with his daddy real bad and your joyful “holy crap”. awesome vid! 😀

santiagoherrera9 says:

labradors or golden retrievers are really the only types of dogs i will
trust around my kids. When I was kid my dad had dalmations and they used to
fuck me up lol

wiskskates12 says:

great dog

molzips says:

why doesn’t the dad help….

K Dunn says:

@greeneyedbeauty9292: 1) Fix your language. It will serve you well in life.
2) Labs are NOT “good at letting you know when you are hurting them”. No
dogs are. They inherently hide pain and discomfort as part of a survival
instinct. 3) A baby certainly doesn’t know any better, but the adult does.
That is why adults supervise babies. Hope that helps you understand!

AbstractScientific says:

What a chill dog.

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