Baby & a dangerous Labrador. 90lbs (40kg) black male Lab!

Baby & a dangerous Labrador. 90lbs (40kg) black male Lab!

VIDEO – Don’t be fooled…. This Labrador is about as dangerous as a teddy bear!!



ZZBlue Comet says:

Gosh, it amazes me some folks can’t see the sarcasm in the posters title –
he’s making light of how wonderful these dogs are.´╗┐

Liam Kelly says:

Looks like the double of my lab ­čÖé ´╗┐

Embracing The Madness says:

hahaha “dangerous lab” xD these dogs are so nice they would greet a
robber ´╗┐

Danny. rocks says:

I think dogs can sense the young ?´╗┐

Nick Logan says:

hai un Labrador meraviglioso,e addestrato vede che e’lui a badare
al piccolo,e lo sa’che ha scatti… Ma il tuo Labrador non si scompone e lo
tratta da cucciolo Bellissimo il cane e bravo tu…Anche se penso che i
bambini non dovrebbero innervosire i cani,e pensare siano giochini…Ma
questo dipende dai genitori… e non voglio dire in questo caso,ma in
genere…complimenti cmq.sono certo che il tuo old labrador nn farebbe mai
male al bimbo´╗┐

w davis says:

awesome video, a well trained calm dog that knows it’s place in the pack.
kudos to the owner.´╗┐

chris homann says:

Is funny because dog think baby is the puppy now :D´╗┐

Isabella CloudBridge says:

Why did you say ‘dangerous’ in the title? Labs are accualy one of the laid
back and sweet breeds. If you were being sarcastic I’m sorry but if you
aren’t this is what I’m here for
Btw I didn’t watch the video because I hate being wrong at times lol´╗┐

squall lionhart says:

anch’io ho un labrador e una ps3 sempre sullo sfondo´╗┐

xX3lit3zbeastXx says:

Most dogs are well behaved and much like children copy owners (parents)
actions its a bit like if someone was to buy say a bulldog and shout and
scream at it it to would become obnoxious but then again dogs are still
animals and should be treated as animals if you get my drift.´╗┐

Jess Kroll says:

I grew up with brother and sister black labs. Such wonderful dogs. Wish I
could have been better dog owner back then. Still miss them all the time.´╗┐

Adriano G. V. Esposito says:

LOL! I love the dog licks the baby face as soon as it can :D´╗┐

Sgt CrayCray says:

If the dog is dangerous, why would you put a baby near it?´╗┐

M Blane says:

That dangerous animal should be locked up under the ‘lickakidtodeath’ act

Rosângela Marques says:

Nossa muito grande ^0^´╗┐

Lady Cheyne says:

My heart just went into cute overload!! That baby is SO PWESHUS!´╗┐

Homo Sapien 78 says:

Yeah, those kisses are a force to be reckoned with…´╗┐

jessie james says:

i am overwhelmed by all the love there…Labs are great with anyone , not
only children. they have a great temperament….A vet said that their quiet
temperament sometimes betrays any hurt or suffering they may have…theyre
tough too´╗┐

Dennis LePorte says:

Labs are probably the best dogs to have with kids. I remember when I was
about 3/4 yrs old they was a Black female Lab next door to my grandparents.
She would come in ever night and stretch out in front of the fire place. I
curl up next to her and nap for hours.´╗┐

Awn246 says:

I am just amazed the lab didn’t want to get up and play with the baby. My
yellow lab is 3 and he would absolutely jump around and play. But maybe the
dog was tired at the time?? Either way, play or face licking, labs LOVE
people of all ages!´╗┐

bimbeano says:

Haha, both are funny ! He is huge but not fat.
We have a chocolate lab, imagine i didn’t even want a dog and now i would
die if something would happen to him :-)´╗┐

CheesyTV says:

Why are you using kg? You must be in Canada not USA?´╗┐

amanda hall says:

How was he dangerous? He was licking the baby!?!?!?!´╗┐

Alfred Azpeitia says:

Would you look at that fat ps3 in the background… smh..´╗┐

Chubby penguin 26 says:

Is 90lb for a lab overweight?´╗┐

Patrick Majers says:

since when is a labrador dangerous?!?!?!?!?! I could kick mine and then it
would probably just lick me´╗┐

Heels Tar says:

Awesome! I have a black lab named Roy. He’s 4 months ;)´╗┐

Erika M says:

I think you should get a Tibetan terrier or a Labrador I have one he’s cute
he’s also 8 years old my Tibetan terrier is always sleepy he’s 4 years old
he’s funny

Paul says:

Best dogs in the world (yes, I have one).´╗┐

Prosage07 says:

So calm, how old is he? ­čśÇ here’s my 4yr old lab:

kaspariano says:

That TV table is dangerous ´╗┐

Nikola Vidic says:

“Dangerous” LABRADOR!?!?!? wtf dude? ´╗┐

Mark Richardson says:

What a FEROCIOUS dog.´╗┐

Olavi Porkka says:

That Lab would be a better parent than a crack-a-holic welfare mom or some
fastlane bitch with a credit card for every child. Magnificent animal.´╗┐

Amber Miller says:

I have a 135lb yellow lab. He is very protective over myself and my two
children. He actually has bitten the mail lady. My daughter 1 1/2 at the
time, my neice 8 and my neighbors son was on the porch, and my neice did
not close the door all the way. He ran out and got her arm when she went
to hand the boy the mail. (My dog thought she was going to hurt him).
They are great guard dogs. He won’t let any stranger get anywhere near
them. Oh, he also lets my girls, lay on him, my 3 year old used to sit on
him and try to ride him, pull him around the house, etc. Great dogs!´╗┐

Majz HappyGEEZER says:

OMG the baby is so cute…bless him (:´╗┐

CanineGrowTime says:

What a HAPPY baby and an excellent dog. I have a nearly 90 lb Black
Labramutt and they are great with kids.´╗┐

Nadia Pierre says:

OMG SO DANGEROUS!!! LMAO. Labs are Awesome Babysitters!! ­čÖé Oh and BTW
Acute Raven… My Chocolate Lab is a great guard dog! He scares the Poop
out of people when They come to my door or walk by my house!´╗┐

Celine Foster says:

How old is the dog now´╗┐

Jose Dominguez says:

what! That glass tables corners are more dangers then that awesome black

Breauna Buford says:

Labs are not dangerous. At all. They are the best dogs you can have.
without a doubt. ´╗┐

gunjunky7520 says:

The poor little child looks terrified! Only a monster would allow such a
dangerous animal near a baby. :)´╗┐

stealthninja63 says:

Hes not dangerous He is a lab They r friendly´╗┐

jjsrt8 says:

Only sad dangerous to get views´╗┐

Kegan Holler says:

What does dangerous mean for the backlight is not dangerous´╗┐

Darell Brown says:

My mom truly spoils her black lab she almost 90lbs´╗┐

Matthew Baldwin says:

i just got my male black lab….he’s just a friendly as this guy….so

Jackson Burris says:

Lol labs dangerous? You are mistaken. ´╗┐

patricia sedota says:

Dangerous? Pleeeeeeese! That dog looks more like he might lick the baby to

fred major says:


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