Awesome labrador dog fetches a beer from fridge for owner! HOW cool!?

Awesome labrador dog fetches a beer from fridge for owner! HOW cool!?

VIDEO – Well trained labrador retriever dog fetches a beer for her owner, and even goes back to shut the fridge. This dog is so well trained, and clearly loves interacting with it’s owner ….



Greger Karlsson says:

Dog is like. Give me my fucking treat u cheap bastard

subzero128 says:

Thats a one Million Dollar dog you have :)

Susana Agostinho says:

Love the way she tilted her head when she heard “cookie”

vito1964 says:

Labs exist for two reasons, to play with you and to love you. Anyone caught
abusing a lab needs shooting. 

Tralaeon Star says:

Why didn’t give her some beer? Dogs love beer. That’s probably why she was
a little ticked off.

marshall olson says:

I didn’t see the dog get a treat after being you slave!

K Spasov says:

If you manage to teach her how to make sandwiches along with that bier this
lovely dog would be the perfect “bitch”. ;)

Mike G says:

Invest in a girlfriend , they do that among many other things

Adelina Adeline says:

Thank God my dog cant open fridge door, she’ll eat everything inside,

Gavin Scott says:

And no treats?

Dini Zee says:

When the dog pushed that fucking thing close. I died of laughter.

Falcone45 says:

So awesome! I remember all my dogs. Reilly, Hershey, and Pollus, I miss you

nadoeloiskat says:

Some dogs likes to do this type of stuff not even for a cookie but for the
powerful curiosity to learn new things and for a play.

Like there is a TV show here in Finland about border patrol with the drug
dogs (also labs) and these dogs does not even get the treat after they find
something, they just get a plastic stick and of course the “that’s a good
boy” remarks.

15 seconds later they take the stick back and the dogs are ready to go for
new search aka play.

Bryan Echang says:

This is when you know you have a drinking problem..this dog didn’t just
learn this trick overnight, this is years and years or practice lol

frosty4289 says:

I would love to teach my dog to do this type of stuff, but my fridge would
never be safe again

D.L. Arnett says:

” Close it? what I don’t get one? Yeah, sure I’ll close it”, wham!! Man
that’s funny. 

nano411 says:

I want to teach my dog this but afraid she’ll help herself to the food in
the fridge, like you said. 

Dr Awesome Is the Boss says:

that dog is awesome

Jose Acevedo says:

So cute and funny

NY NJ Labradors says:

GREAT DOG, unknown beer to me. :P

Yolanda Sotelo says:

How can you make your lab do that?

Andreea Joana says:

**you want a cookie??… let’s get a cookie** lovely hahah

Viet Hoang says:

very cool !

Ryan Marsden says:

*Shower with treats*

Eric Tomlin says:

That beer isn’t a twistie. If the dog was REALLY good, he won have opened
it for him. LOL!

96buells2t says:

Subscribe to me

ErvinTheMotherFuckerGamer says:

So cute

Henry Morejon says:

They are really smart,i have one 

Gina Atkins says:

Brains and beauty :)

demondevongirl666 says:

My dog knew this trick. Except we didn’t teach him how to help himself to
the fridge like this dog could. Bad idea=fat maybe dead dog. And my dog had
to clean up the cans


What the fuck…he brought a microbrew? Bad dog. I like my beer like I like
my violence. Domestic.

wiggy waggo says:

absolutely superb

stefanbrzytwa says:

Zajebista suczka i to wszystko za ciasteczko :))

osamawife6 says:

Could you train my girlfriend?

prachant fallee says:

this dog is like mishka the talking husky

Justin Phillips says:

She better have gotten her cookie after all that!

Pablo Cobain says:

It’s your slave dog. Clean the house too?

Xuan Ngoc Pham says:

amazing ! love labrado

Gabriella Barta says:
Apo Deftera says:

My dog,can bring me stuff too,but its not even close to that awesomeness!

windbetweenyouandme says:

I think I have choose the wrong pet for myself!

Koto Nizna says:

im getting a lab!

Dave Goy says:

Damn the cookie, get that dog a beer

jlarsena says:

Let’s see a cat do that! That’s why dogs are man’s best friend, they’ll get
you a beer and not ask for one themselves. LOL

hiyokogane1 says:

great dog!

anjay kapoor says:


radical center says:

who needs dumb selfish cats anyways dogs are loyal to humans like soldiers
to a flag

TheHasselBoff says:

Such a cool dog man!

adil nassiry says:

awsome dog and nice clossing fridgh

LatinSal says:

Great Dog, I got a yellow lab too but she always get me to do that for her
hahaha. Great job!

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