Adorable Labrador Retriever Puppies

Adorable Labrador Retriever Puppies

VIDEO of a litter of NINE adorable, yellow/chocolate/black labrador retriever puppies frolicking around the yard.



Thomas Moorcoft says:

Everyone is outside with friends, and I’m watching 9 minute long video of
puppies. I think I’m the person winning in this situation´╗┐

RoxyBabeful says:

I have a lab pup, he is now 1. they grow up so fast ­čÖü the good thing about
labs is they always stay cute :D´╗┐

The guy who didn't like his name so he changed it to this for a while for no reason and liked it says:

Coming up next – Phyco dad burns Labrador puppies alive!´╗┐

Sophia R├╝ttger says:

Das ist soooo s├╝├č ÔÖí

King Rastafari says:

I want a dog but my parents seed no tired´╗┐

Kawaii Chibi Boy ICabooseI says:

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!! >W< I wish i had them QwQ´╗┐

Mason Holt says:


Sue Elias says:

I especially love the little escape artist!´╗┐

Lorenzo Sommo says:

Is not dangerous leaving puppies in the night outside?? Some snakes could
pass trough that net…or maybe you should put some more protections around
there… However nice puppies very sweet!!!´╗┐

TheEmeraldTree says:

9 people disliked cos they are jealous like this comment if you want one so

Geno Wals says:

Anyone that knows five nights at freddys knows the bite of 87 5:03´╗┐

boog says:

i know this comment doesn’t fit with video but, what happened after your
dad shredded all your games?´╗┐

Konor Levengood says:

I don’t know how ardoarble this is´╗┐

Captain Coco says:

I just want to lie on the ground and let them jump all over me!!! Nothing
beats playing with puppies.´╗┐

Vincent Candela says:

4:57 through, they start to get mad for sex XD´╗┐

Hanna L├Âfstrand says:

Can’t Belive i watch the hole video. And saved it to favorites…´╗┐

oliver anderson says:

Why u roll around in ur own Poop?!!!??´╗┐

Matthew Thomasgard says:


Rodrigo P├ęrez says:

boobs and poopyjohn?´╗┐

Jonathan Stanley says:

I’m gonna cry because the puppies are super duper extremely cute´╗┐

Rosie LPSRULES says:

Are they his ?´╗┐

Konor Levengood says:

I would take all those pups´╗┐

Rabi Kadry says:

I prefer the white one because he’s more cute´╗┐

Justin Pettit says:

It should be illegal to dislike a video like this!´╗┐

metalsandra1994 says:

They are adorable´╗┐

alex xlayk says:

I’ll but5000. But only if they stay puppies forever they never grow then I
would buy them´╗┐

modelleg says:

The brown one seems dominant, until the yellow one sits on his head.´╗┐

mranimegirl1 says:

This is so kawaii ´╗┐

micke juhandson says:

When im shit mad i just sit down and watch this video to cool down ´╗┐

Jcki Sny says:

Que hermosos! Bendiciones. Me encantar├şa tener uno. ´╗┐

Vincent Candela says:

7:13 dem titties´╗┐

Marykaye Pollard says:

Are those puppies theirs? Or are they just adopting one?´╗┐

Mikala Anderson says:

THAT… Was amazing! :’) ´╗┐

TechMan Electronic Reviews says:

I remember when my black lab was as small as that I would really like to go
back to when I got him´╗┐

sigginn2 siggi says:

5:00 puppies doing 69´╗┐

SpyCrab 419 says:

Who can dislike this´╗┐

Tito Diaz says:

Ois this the first time your dad doesnt explode and plus your saying bad
words infront lf a ten year old´╗┐

Jody Kay says:

Hi my is name Jodie ´╗┐

star combs says:

They are so cute!´╗┐

Flaccid Senpai says:

1:30 awwwwwwwwwwwww <3´╗┐

Freddy Choquegonza says:

tengo mi lsnrador kirer un msxo pa mi perrit´╗┐

Maximus Thrax says:

I shun those fiends who hath disliked this video.´╗┐

Beasty Biscuit says:

It’s enough to make a grown man craaaaa u go ahead little guy!´╗┐

Anonymous User says:


Marykaye Pollard says:

They are so cute!!!!!!!! Are they adopting one?´╗┐

Marc Daniels Jr says:

I guess the dogs like 69´╗┐

mary alvarez says:

Take all of them!!´╗┐

Dakota Wessman says:

How do people dislike this video

Maddiesketch 123 says:

So cute!´╗┐

Alan Junami says:

Aww so cute but in china they eat em poor thing´╗┐

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