16 week labrador retriever puppy dog training and tricks

16 week labrador retriever puppy dog training and tricks

Boomer has some new tricks to show off. Among the newer ones are moonwalk and bow. I am currently trying to combine back, come, and twirl into one command: line dance.



MichAeL G. says:

ok.. how about do all this tricks without treats.. is it possible.. he will
listen? and not just once.. the whole tricks at the same time like on the
video.. .. im just curious..

Mona Noble says:

How did you potty train your lab? Mine is about 8 weeks old, and he will
use the bathroom outside when I do take him out. Right now I cannot afford
a crate so I keep him, a soft blanket and his toys in the bathroom. When I
take him out we stay out just long enough for him to do his business, and I
take him back inside (especially now that it’s cold out). When I take him
back inside I pull his toys out and allow him to play, after that I will
typically take him back out to potty and then I will put him back in the
bathroom with the light on. He will remain in there until it’s time for him
to eat again and use the bathroom. 

Nunya Dambidnis says:

Ive been with my girlfriend for 16 weeks and she can’t do any of these

50hellkat2 says:

He is a beauty. With brains.

Dr. Malik Jenkins says:

I use bite size snickers as treats when I train my puppy.

Keti Kanchashvili says:

Don’t judge me, but I don’t respect dogs for being too submissive

Claude Borg says:

he’s awesome 🙂 how do you get him to do more complex tricks like ‘bang’
though? As in, how do you get him to perform that motion physically? cause
it isn’t a natural movement which you can easily manipulate like stay or

Isaac Radcliffe says:

I love the freaking moon walk trick ahahahahahahahahahahhaah

aranaedgardo says:

To all who read this , get your puppy/ies vaccinated, especially to PARVO!
Take your dog to a veterinarian, not a dog store for their vaccines.

Pamela alvarez says:

Your dog was amazing , I wanna teach to my dog all this

madhuri sagar says:

Wow that’s awesome training I wanna know how did u train so well…its
already trained so u showing us how he follows it but I wanna learn
training him I have a new lab puppy please help

subterraa says:

Moonwalk and the dog actually does it LMAO !!!!

Peccaviultum says:

Nice training ! Labs always want to please….


This is why i love dogs. Dogs are so much better than cats.

Beth B says:

wow that’s amazing! you must have worked super hard! your dog is so clever

Chris Hoggart says:

Great control, nice dog too. Thanks for sharing. 

planetlexicon says:

That puppy is super cute.

courtney schrimsher says:

Ur puppy is so smart! My lab is 16weeks and only can high five, sit and lay
down lol we plan to teach him more soon 

Matthew Lavery says:

This guy is an excellent trainer 

Collin Hill says:

How did you train your lab to moonwalk? I’m going to get a rescue puppy

German Shepherd says:

Dogs are the best!

yonigenuine says:

Ja, ja, ja…

Very, very good!

Thea Harmsen says:

vind ik leuk

A Talas says:

he’s well trained! and a cutie

New Dog Trainer says:

I am keenly interested in dog training and therefore find this video to be
very helpful!

karin collado says:

hey can you tell me what treats ur using

anshuman kumar says:

Such an intelligent pup.
My 16 week old lab has turned the house upside down. 

Matthew Lavery says:

Lol bang then he dies

westmeathguy says:

Nice going!

rainbow snout says:

crocs :0

Jeremy Fitzgerald says:

Sooooo cute looks like mine alot when he was younger!

IanK2012 says:

I think it is funny how he knows the harder commands and “sit” is still
hard XD 

Angela Soh says:

Is it okay with you if you put up a video showing how to teach your dog to
do tricks? I really want to teach my dog to do your tricks too. :)

Jazmine says:

Wow, you’ve done such a great job and he’s only a pup! 

Joann Nelson says:

I love it, Thanks amazin

Aline Helou says:

the title of ur vid is HOW!!! then HOWWWWW DID U TRAIN HIM..

Thrillseeker8922 says:

That’s really awesome. XD

Amy Carney says:

Wtf that is one cleaver awsome dog u have there i have a 6 month old staff
n shes still learning teaching her to roll atm 

Nagus El says:

I WISH FOR A DOG! My parents aren’t too fond of them though… A Black
Labrador a do right nice?

Jeremiah Barnes says:

I’m getting a laboador retriver puppy just like that 

Manhattankid10 says:

I LOVE dogs of all kinds! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I wanna get a black Labrador. I
really love that moonwalk! Lets see if he will do it when Billie Jean comes
on! LOL Love this vid! <3 <3 <3

Carolina G says:

do labordors grow very big

ponceclau says:

wow this is amazing and congratulations to the owner for being patient and
trained this puppy so well because it takes a lot of patience to train a
puppy. I have a labrador myself and i am starting to teach him some tricks

Priyamvada Jain says:

wow what a well trained puppy….thumbs up to both of you :)

Chase Bowen says:

my dog did that when was 12 weeks

Mariusz Dajczak says:
Jeanny Hernandez says:

OMG you are amazing I want you to train my Labrador, husky,and my German
shepherd 😀 what kind of treats are those? 

Daniela Elizondo says:

Would you mind telling me if you live in a house or an apartment? people
have mixed opinions on this subject. I just want to know your position.

roockon1216 says:

wow, amazing dog and amazing trainer. It takes a lot of patience and love
to train a dog properly. Nicely done!

Kewin Antony says:

That’s one handsome Lab though!!! 

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